Hailing from the world’s central fashion and makeup hub, New York Rooma Noreen has built her praise worthy reputation amongst the top notch makeup artist of the North East, USA.   Her formal makeup education is from a state certified school, Brittany Beauty School in Levittown LI.  However, Rooma is a firm believer in practice makes perfect and she has been busy perfecting her art for the last decade.  She has learned that every face is beautiful, and makeup is the true compliment to beauty.  She works hard with each and every client to make sure they understand each other’s vision and delivers every time.  The proof is in the consistent flow of repeat clients on her roster. 
Alas life has offered her yet another adventure and Rooma is now located in Toronto Canada. She brings with her a fresh perspective to the local makeup scene.  Clients are no longer limited to heavy glam looks but can enjoy a range of full glam to natural for all their events. Reach out for a complimentary phone consultation now.
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